About Us

Hitech Solar – UK’s leading producer of Monocrystalline and Multi-crystalline Solar PV products. We manufacture high efficiency, superior affordable Photovoltaic panels. We strive to bring a blend of new innovations and manufacturing techniques using the Latest European Equipment to UK homes and beyond. We can supply domestic installers, large scale projects,
resellers, distributors, property developers, contractual clients and new builds. We offer panels made in the UK to the UK and international delivery service. Our Solar PV products are manufactured in accordance with both IEC61215 and IEC61730 Standard. In addition to this we are MCS, TUV BABT, and KIWA certified.

The choice of materials and the highly automated production processes makes our panels consistent and extremely reliability. This allows Hitech Solar to offer its customer’s a reputable service and aftercare in the UK. As each Hitech Solar PV module passes through the production cycle, over 30 quality checks are performed: From the evaluation of the materials, to the production processes, until the functional test and the classification of the final product.

Concept, design, prototyping and experimentation are the pillars of engineering excellence at Hitech Solar. In our workshops, the engineers and researchers work together to design and industrialize innovative solutions in materials and integration of technologies which can better serve the next generation of photovoltaic markets. We thrive a can do, will do ethos to ensure technologies keep moving in line with the future.

Automated Robotic Production Lines:
State of the art automated robotic production lines and processes enable us to supply solid, consistent reliable modules to the market
100% EL (Electroluminescence inspection).
All of our panels go through an EL inspection test which gives an added value and
assurance of high quality modules.
High Efficiency and Extra Yield:
Our Panels are produced using Grade A high  efficiency cells and undergo a vigorous
test cycle, including camera inspection.
Outstanding Technical Support and Service:
We offer outstanding technical support and aftersales service to our partners primarily in the UK and worldwide.
Best Warranty:
We provide a 10 years warranty product warranty or materials and workmanship and25 years linear performance warranty.
Full Turn Key Solutions Provider:
We are able to provide a full turn-key solution and complete systems to our partners and customers worldwide.
Delivery on time:
We can navigate the world supply chain by ship, road or air and can provide short
transit and delivery times worldwide and overnight services in the UK
Raw Material tested and approved:
High quality components internationally certified, tested and approved for use in UK, Europe and many other regions of the world.